Puppy Care Tips

Puppy Care Tips

You have finally got your new puppy.  Now what?  You look at that tiny bundle of fur and realise you don’t have a clue how to look after it.  It is so small!  So it is time to do some research.  Read some books or scour the internet.  Read on for our puppy care tips that will help you raise a well behaved dog to share your life.


You love your new puppy and want to cuddle them a lot.  That is great.  Don’t let him sleep on the bed!  When we first had Poppy she was used to sleeping on the bed (and even in the bed).  That took some unlearning!  She sleeps on the bed and none of us sleep very well so that had to stop.  2 years later she still tries her luck!  When she slept on the bed she would bark at every little sound which was fairly annoying.  Now she sleeps in a crate and would sleep through a brass band entering the house.  Bliss.

Jumping Up

Your puppy will jump up.  Puppies try to jump at anything and everything during their first year of life.  This behavior will remain the same when the puppy grows into adulthood if you leave it unchecked.  This may not be a problem as you may not mind your dog jumping up.  However, bear in mind that your dog will keep jumping up on guests, he will jump up on you when you are wearing your interview suit as opposed to normal dog walking gear.  Also think about what size he will be when an adult.  I had my arm broken when I was 9 by an exuberant Weimaraner which is not ideal.  The better way is to stop your puppy jumping up at an early age by rewarding him for the desired behaviour.

When the puppy is jumping at you, turn your back and ignore them.  Ask the puppy to sit on the floor and offer a reward. Over a period of time your puppy will realize the benefit of sitting in front of you and therefore will forget the tendency of jumping at people.



Puppies love to chew and like babies they go through teething.  Get a good number of toys for your puppy to chew.  A variety of different textures is great and ones that squeak are the absolute best (apparently!)

Try not to leave the puppy unattended in a room. Puppies because of their natural tendency of chewing, will chew the one thing in the room you don’t want him to chew!  Don’t leave them alone with toys either as he will chew it to bits and eat something undesirable that was inside.  You are not going to be able to spend every minute with your puppy so crate train them as soon as possible.  Don’t leave them alone for too long or in the crate for too long as he won’t want to go back into it.

Car Travel

Puppies may feel sick when taken on a long drive. Start training your puppy in the car for shorter distances first and then keep on increasing the trip time and miles. Puppy will get adjusted to long hours in the car.  Poppy was sick the first couple of times she went in the car but now she loves it and is so good.  It was definitely worth the first few sicky trips.

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