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Steps Required for the Proper Care of Your Pet

Steps Required for the Proper Care of Your Pet

Just as there are several different elements of taking care of a child, the very same holds true when you decide to bring a puppy or adult dog into your home. So what are the steps required for the proper care of your pet?  Below you will find several different elements that are involved with properly taking care of a dog as a pet.
Steps Required for the Proper Care of Your Pet
Find a Veterinarian

The most important step a new dog owner will need to take is to find a local veterinarian. This is especially important if they haven’t had any of their vaccinations. Not only are their vaccinations a very important part of keeping them healthy and disease free, but they will also need regular check-ups as well.

Bathing and Grooming

Although dogs do not need a bath nearly as frequently as humans do, they still need to be bathed regularly. This helps to remove dead skin cells and dirt from their coat, and it also promotes good skin health. To minimize matting and to keep your dog looking as good as he feels, you should brush his coat at least once each day. This also helps to decrease problems with shedding, as loose hairs will come out in the dog brush instead of on your furniture.  My dog, Poppy, has fairly regular baths (which she hates) as she gets extremely dirty.  She is also not too keen on being brushed either though she is getting much better – perseverance is definitely key here.

Provide Your Dog His Own Space

Dogs that are kept inside the home need a designated space that they can feel is their own. This will help him feel secure. Some people line the bottom of a dog crate with soft bedding, while others simply place a dog bed in a corner of their bedroom or living room.  Poppy has a downstairs bed which she will quite happily go to when tired and she has her crate upstairs where she sleeps at night.

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Have Your Dog Spayed or Neutered

It is important for a responsible pet owner to have their dog spayed or neutered. Not only does this help to control the dog population, but it is also effective for calming dogs down that have behavior problems. Some of the other benefits of this type of procedure is it can lengthen the life of your dog and it also promotes better health.  A friend of mine has a dog that has not been neutered and his drive seems to dictate his life; he can’t even be let off the lead.  We had Poppy spayed as soon as we could as it is definitely fairer to her.

Regular Exercise

The amount of exercise that each dog needs depends a great deal on the specific breed that they are. A regular amount of exercise is important for the overall health of your dog, and it is an activity that he will thoroughly enjoy. Dogs that get a regular amount of exercise every day end up living much longer than those that do not get much exercise at all. This is because it promotes good health and it keeps them feeling younger longer. Problems such as arthritis and other health problems do not occur as often in dogs that exercise regularly than it does in those that don’t.  Some dogs really do need more than others – Poppy needs a huge amount.  A 20 km walk ensures she sleeps at night but we can’t fit those in every day!  She has between 3 and 5 good play/walks but as soon as she gets home she still insists she hasn’t been taken out and rushes to the garden to have the ball thrown.

A Healthy Diet

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is provide him a high quality dog food that contains a large amount of essential vitamins and nutrients. The feeding label on most brands will provide you with everything you need to know about how much your specific breed of dog needs to eat, and how often.  This is the hardest thing with Poppy as she is not particularly interested in food and I do struggle to tempt her.

All of these things are important steps required for the proper care of your pet, and generally some are easier than others.  All must be taken into consideration though.

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